Montreaux Homes, the home counties division of award-winning Montreaux Group, has collaborated with IKEA to develop three style collections for their customers that offer a timeless foundation to which new buyers can add their personal style.

Home buyer will be able to choose from three custom-curated design sets. These are the result of Montreaux’s interior design team working with IKEA’s interior designers to develop harmonious packages. There will also be the option for buyers to personalise packs, and advice will be provided on how to incorporate loved furniture items that buyers might already posess. Each design pack comes in three sizes (1-bed, 2-bed, and 3-bed) and range in price form £6k to £12k which includes furniture, linens, window dressings, home accessories, and kitchenware.

Great design needn’t cost the earth, and both Montreaux Homes and IKEA have been not only delivering great designs, but also delivering excellent value to customers. Both companies marry timeless designs with evolving trends, making this collaboration a logical step in helping buyers move into their new homes with maximum joy and minimum stress. 

James Rowntree, Managing Director of Montreaux Homes, comments: 

“We never stop thinking of ways to give homeowners something better. This permeates everything we build into each home, as well as the services and offers we make available to our customers. Our collaboration with IKEA will give buyers an opportunity to not only buy a ew hone, but also bring their own personal style and make it their own without delay.” 

Design Choices

The design sets will offer 3 key sules for buyers to build upon as they make their hones their own. They have a choice of METRO – a soft urban look, GLOBAL – a sophisticated eclectic look, and CLASSIC-CORE – a timeless yet contemporary foundational look.

METRO is designed for those who love a bit of urban elegance, with touches of mid-century modern and industrial mixed in. GLOBAL offers those with a more eclectic boho style a palette for those items they’ve brought back from travels abroad. Finally, CLASSIC-CORE offers a modern-classic environment to enrich with personal style and art.

How it works in practice

Pack Guides will be provided so that buyers can visit showrooms and see the items included. For confirmed Montreaux buyers, there will be the opportunity for an hour-long remote planning session with an IKEA interior design specialist to help design and customise their new home. IKEA will deliver their furniture and assemble it to ensure ease of moving into their new home.

The show apartment at Montreaux’s Urban Picturehouse in Sidcup has been specially dressed to showcase the elevated design IEKA furniture can provide. Please visit for further information. Homes at Sidcup start from £299,000 for an Atelier Apartment. More details can be found at